Timeline Assignment

This project is designed to help you demonstrate your ability to use visualization tools for telling historical stories.

Using the site called “George Mason University: A History” students will select a page that tells a distinct story such as “The Day Care Center Controversy.” Using the tool TimelineJS students will create a timeline of the story that is described on the page. Better projects will include images from the site. Effective entries will include descriptions of an event that will likely be more than one sentence. Also, it will be useful to have at least five events which are significant to the telling the story on the timeline.

To make the timeline follow the instructions <http://timeline.knightlab.com/#make> from KnightLab for making a timeline. They also created a video. 

You can view a timeline on the George Mason Statute Omeka S site: https://silverbox.gmu.edu/legacy/s/masonstatue/page/timeline