There are a number of assignments which will help you demonstrate your expertise in doing history with technology. Some are more focused on the technology while others are focused on producing historical analysis.

Setting up your website (5%) – due August 31

Blog post assignments (5% X 5% = 25%)

Creating a tidy dataset (15%) – due October 12

This assignment will allow you to demonstrate that you understand how to create a tidy dataset for historical research. This work will be done in small groups and will require you to submit a spreadsheet that transcribes the handwritten source and a document which describes the decisions you made when constructing the dataset.

We will be using an archival source which has been digitized by the American Philosophical Society called “Curator’s Record of Donations to the Cabinet, 1769-1818 Volume 1: 3 February 1769-20 February 1818.”

Minimum Elements to consider:

Page Number of Folio

Date of Meeting


Donation Item(s)

Description of Donation

In blog post 5 you may include this work in your considerations. Please articulate the kind of project(s) in which this data can be used.

StoryMap/Timeline assignment (15%) – due October 19

Historic Marker Research Package (30%) – due December 7

Class Participation (10%: your work and self-reflection)